Coach Hire for Sports Teams

Australia - almost synonymous with hockey and soccer - is home to some of the brightest sports stars in the world. Not to mention the die-hard reputation that Canadian sports fan attain.

Whether you're a professional athlete on a team who's just made it or a little league athlete with aspiring goals, we're cheering you on! There's nothing better than good ole' fashioned competition. Whether you're cheering in the stands or suiting up for the big game, your head is in the game. Let us take care of the travel plans.

Here at GoGo Charters, we've serviced everything from fan buses to the tailgate to sports teams traveling to the turf. The buses on our platform range from 15 passenger mini buses to 56 passenger charter buses. Our team services Australia coast to coast so whether you're cheering on your favorite team in Melbourne or rivals over in Sydney, we've got you covered.

Renting a charter bus for your next sporting event is the most efficient way to ensure that all your fans and athletes arrive safely together and on-time. We know that coordinating logistics for an entire sports team can be challenging, let alone sleeping arrangements. Let us service you so you can focus on preparing for the next game.

We're aware of the unique needs that a sports team has during travel including ample leg room and storage for luggage and equipment. Therefore, we've nailed our sports team charter coach hire services down to a science.

We care about your experiences and the comfort of your team on the road. That's why a variety of our charter buses can be upgraded with premium amenities for your shining stars. If you're planning travel for a large team, rent one of the 56 passenger charter buses on our platform. These vehicles come equipped with ample leg room of course, but also feature clean lavatories, plush reclining seats, and plenty of storage overhead and under the bus for luggage and equipment.

A variety of charter buses also come equipped with flat screen televisions, Wi-Fi and power outlets - perfect for teams to utilize in review plays before the game, searching stats or just resting up and watching a movie. Select vehicles will feature surround sound to pump up your team before you depart for your match. Renting a charter bus will be a breeze when booking with us and your players will thank you for the effortless experience.

If your team runs a little smaller in size, consider renting a mini bus. The vehicles under this category range from 12 passenger sprinter vans to 44 passenger mini buses. These vehicles make great options for youth to minor league teams who don't need to travel far for their game but still want to travel together. A variety of the mini buses on our platform also come equipped with Wi-Fi, power outlets, spacious seating and storage.

But what's a game without any fans? We're proud to be the leader in transportation services for sports fans across the country. Rent a charter bus for your group before you head out to cheer on one of Australia's professional sports teams. You'll have the freedom to invite anyone you want from co-workers to family members or your local supporters group. Figure out a central location and we'll be there. Take advantage of your time on the road and get pumped up for the game. You'll have more time to relax, have a famous Canadian beer and enjoy the time on board with your fellow fans. Your driver will take you straight to the arena, stadium, airport or hotel.

When you travel separately as a team or individually to meet up before a tailgate, you run the risk of people facing traffic, running late, getting lost or struggling to find a parking space. We can provide more buses on our platform than any of our competitors so you won't have to worry about not having enough vehicles to service your team or fan group.

If you're traveling on the road to your contest, we'll take you there. We'll also service you on your longer trips during training camp and media tours. Need a daily shuttle from the training grounds back to the hotel for meals? Coordinate with us! We'll put our best foot forward to make every travel experience for your team a breeze.

We're ready for you! Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to service all of you needs and answer any questions you may have. Have any special requests? Our team is the best in tailoring every vehicle to the needs of each client.

Travel better. Play better. Call one of our friendly representatives today to receive a free quote!