School Excursion & Event Bus Hire

GOGO Charters provides reliable transportation to school outings, faculty meetings, and more with personalised bus services for groups of all sizes.

Why GOGO Charters?

Traveling with your school group is easier than ever with GOGO Charters. Whether it’s an offsite faculty meeting, an outing to a local museum, or a multi-day class trip, we’re committed to finding the best bus for your group at the best price. Give our reservation specialists a call at +61 (02) 8015-5279 to learn more about how we can help with your next school trip!

Safe, Reliable Travel

We only book coaches that are up-to-date on safety checks, quality assurance, and maintenance. All buses are operated by experienced drivers, allowing you to rest and enjoy your trip knowing that you’re in safe hands.

School Excursions with a Bus

Keep your school outings running smoothly with a modern coach from GOGO Charters. Long or short rides will always be comfortable and entertaining with reclining seats, WiFi, televisions with DVD players, and even on-board toilets to eliminate unnecessary stops along the way.

Easy Outings with Colleagues

Teachers, faculty, and staff can enjoy time together away from school with personal transportation to nearby restaurants, parks, or other attractions. No one will need to volunteer to drive, and everyone can stay organized with one minibus to take your group around town.

Safe Travels to Sporting Events

Hire a charter bus to take your team to a match at a nearby school. Between oversized luggage bays, overhead racks, and extra legroom, all of your players, coaches, and necessary equipment and luggage will have plenty of space. Need more than one bus? We’ll put together a fleet that’s perfect for you.

Tour Universities on your Own Time

Set your own itinerary and see all of your top-choice schools on your own time. Load onto a minibus with your friends and cruise through your favorite campuses, making stops at all of the best local attractions, before you commit to your new home.

Communal Travel with a Private Coach

Buses offer an extra chance to socialize with your group, play a few icebreaker games, and get to know each other while travelling. Whether you’re heading out with students or staff members, everyone will enjoy the opportunity to stay together on your bus.

Travel All Over Australia with GOGO Charters

From school excursions to staff outings to meetings and other gatherings, GOGO Charters is your #1 choice for travel to all academic events. Between an extensive network of available buses and experienced and reliable drivers, we’ve always got what you need to schedule your next trip.

Getting Started

Booking is easy with us. Let us know how many people you’re traveling with and where you’d like to go, and we’ll handle the logistics. Give our reservation specialists a call at +61 (02) 8015-5279 to learn about how we can help and receive a free, personalised quote! We’re available 24/7 and always happy to help you plan your next school outing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cost is determined by factors such as the type of bus you're hiring, your departure date and location, and how long you need to use your bus. For more detailed pricing information, call our reservation specialists at +61 (02) 8015-5279 for a free, no-obligation quote.

A day trip will most likely be charged per hour, while a long-distance trip will most likely be charged per day. Your reservation specialist will go over cost with you when you receive your free quote.

There's no limit to how many buses you can hire. We'll put together a fleet tailored to your group's needs.

Yes. Two days will be added to your hire-- one at the beginning, and one at the end-- to account for the time it will take to wrap and unwrap the bus. You are responsible for the cost of wrapping the bus.

Yes. Each bus hire must meet a minimum of 5 hours.

Yes. Vans and various minibus sizes are available for smaller groups. Contact our reservation specialists at +61 (02) 8015-5279 for more information.

3-6 months in advance is typically enough time to secure the perfect bus. However, if you're in one of the cities we directly service, we can often provide a bus in as little as 2 hours.

Yes. You are responsible for cleaning up after your group, however; otherwise, you will be charged a cleaning fee.

No. Our reservation team will secure parking and staging areas for your bus(es).

Tipping is at your discretion. Many passengers tip their driver 10-20% of their total cost, but it is never required to do so.

Driver break times are based on total driving time. For instance, 5 1/2 hours of driving time warrants 15 minutes of break time; 8 hours warrants 30 minutes; etc., according to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. Check in with your driver prior to your trip to schedule when they will be able to stop for breaks.

You will need to provide hotel accommodations to your driver if your bus hire spans multiple days. Providing food and drink is not required.

Amenity options include WiFi, televisions with DVD players, spacious luggage bays, overhead storage racks, PA systems, on-board toilets, reclining seats, and more. Your reservation specialist will go over all amenity options with you when you book your bus.

Yes. 30% of your trip's total cost will be due after you secure your bus with one of our reservation specialists.

Your full balance will be due 30 days before your trip's start date.

More Questions?

We're happy to help.

GOGO Charters is an international bus hire company that services over 300 cities worldwide. We have access to an extensive network of coaches of all sizes and types, making it easy for us to accommodate groups in need of transport to a wide variety of events. Whether you’re transporting a group to a school excursion, corporate event, wedding, sporting event, church outing, or other private vacation, we’ll make sure your trip runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible with the perfect bus hire. Contact us 24/7 with all of your transportation questions at +61 (02) 8015-5279.